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Top 2 Pit Boss Electric Smoker Reviews Of June, 2021 - Complete Guide

If you’re a grilling enthusiast, it goes without saying that you want to have the best smoker possible. Undoubtedly the quality of the tool plays a significant role in the quality of the final product, thus how a smoker performs is conducive to how your dish will turn out. Among the most well-known smoker brands on the market, Pit Boss has proved themselves as a trusted brand that provides excellent grills and smokers. Their products include wood pellet grills, pellet smokers and ceramic charcoal grills. In our article today, the experts of Stansidlehour will focus on their electric smokers. In other words, this article is designed to supply you with Pit Boss electric smoker reviews.

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Pit Boss Electric Smoker Reviews


In this section, we will have a more thorough look at the two Analog Blue electric smokers that Pit Boss has to offer, the Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker and the Pit Boss 77320 3.2 Analog Smoker. We will discuss some differences between these two first before moving to the features that they have in common.


1. Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker

The Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker belongs to the 2 Series. This model is on the smaller side, it’s more fit for smaller households and families. The smoker comes with three cooking grids, with the internal cooking space standing at 593 square inches.

2. Pit Boss 77320 3.2 Analog Smoker

The Pit Boss 77320 3.2 Analog Smoker belongs to the 3 Series. This machine, on the other hand, is a spacious model which makes it top choice for larger families. With four cooking grids and the cooking space boasting an impressive 791 square inches, the 77320 3.2 is a real workhorse when it comes to bigger crowds. 

Overall, sizes and capacities is the only difference between the two analog electric smokers from Pit Boss. Their remaining features are kinda similar. They both have a wide temperature range of 150 to 325 degree Fahrenheit, thus being able to cook different types of meat even the delicate ones to perfection. 

Below the cooking chamber you can find a tray to store wood chips. This tray is designed so that it could hold chips enough for a maximum 2 hours of smoking. One of the main concerns for people when it comes to wood chip tray is whether they have to open the door to refill the chip when the smoker is working. With Pit Boss analog electric smokers, the answer is no, since the tray has its own opening, making chip refilling much more convenient.

Buying Guides


Pit Boss don’t have many electric smokers available so people may start to think that a list of buying guides is unnecessary. However, this cannot be further from the truth. No matter how wide or narrow the selection is, a buying guide set still proves to be of tremendous help as it helps you navigate through the process of decision making. Now we would like to introduce to you the key factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for a decent Pit Boss electric smoker. 

1. Types of Pit Boss electric smoker

Based on the control of the machine, Pit Boss electric smokers are categorized into two types: Analog and Digital, each having their own signature color, blue for the former and silver for the latter. In each group there are two corresponding models, but in this section we will only discuss the general characteristics of the two product groups, specifications on the models will be saved for the following part. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the two types of product.

  • Analog Blue

The first feature that will surely capture your attention regarding the Analog Blue Pit Boss electric smokers is their color. Traditionally we only see smokers that are either black or silver, there are not so many colorful products on the market. This might be a letdown for customers that wish to add a dash of color as well as personality to their devices. 

The Analog Blue from Pit Boss, on the other hand, will allow you to do just that. The dark blue color in combination with a special shine would surely light up your grilling corner, lighting up the whole space.

This type of smoker is  powered by a 1650-watt heating element that provides a cooking temperature range between 100 and 350 degree Fahrenheit. This range allows users to cook a broad array of dishes, you can alternate between slow and fast cooking depending on your preference. 

The entire cabinet is manufactured with double well-insulated materials, therefore you don’t have to be worried about the smoke flowing out. The interior cooking chamber is spacious enough to accommodate food enough for the whole family. This product group comes with a tempered glass door that lets you see the inside so you can know what’s happening without having to open the door, thus saving the heat and the smoke already generated. 

The most important feature of the Analog Blue that you should take into consideration is its control system. The analog control system lets you read the temperature from the door, but it does take some time for you to familiarize yourself with how the system works. You may need to spend some more time discovering how to efficiently make use of the system, more specifically how to dial in the desired temperature, but once you get a grasp of the principle, you’re ready to go. 

Two remarkable products in this group are the Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker and the Pit Boss 77320 3.2 Analog Smoker, whose specific features will be elaborated later. 

  • Digital Silver

Besides the Analog, Pit Boss also makes another kind of electric smoker, which is the Digital. You can probably tell by the name that this product group features digital controller, which you may be more comfortable with in comparison with analog controller. The digital electric smokers from Pit Boss come in silver color, hence the name Digital Silver.

Overall, Digital Silver smokers are pretty similar to those of Analog Blue in design, albeit with some minor variations. For instance, the Digital Silver features a 1650-watt heating element like the Analog Blue, but its temperature range is slightly wider. The meat probe is also implemented, allowing you to read the temperature inside from the screen on the door. 

Similarly, the door is made of tempered glass to give you a glimpse of what’s happening inside, so you don’t have to open the door constantly. Below the door lays a wood chip drawer where you can add wood chips when cooking if necessary.

2. Size and Capacities

Electric smokes are said to be on the smaller end of the scale when it comes to size and capacities, therefore many people are made to believe that they are not suitable for large families. Nonetheless with Pit Boss, this may not be the case.

Understanding the problem relating to size and capacities and aiming to tackle it, Pit Boss has made sure that they have different products suitable for different needs. 

Digital Silver Pit Boss electric smokers belong to the larger smoker group, making it extremely fit for those in charge of cooking for large families or large groups in general. Nevertheless, if you only have to cater for a small group, you may want to look at smaller smokers, as it would help you save up some money on both the purchase and the maintenance expenses. This is when Analog Blue models come in handy as they are more compact.

You always need to check for the size before making your final decision. The space should be large enough to not only accommodate the food you want to cook but also for the heat and smoke to regulate thoroughly. Information of the dimensions of a Pit Boss electric smoker can always be found on their website, so make sure you do your research in advance.

3. Accessories

All the electric smokers on the market have some accessories that are designed to make the device operate more effectively, and those from Pit Boss are no exception. The Pit Boss electric smoker accessories, when integrated, allow you to adjust and customize the cooking process following what you prefer, as well as making it easier one way or another.

There are a myriad of accessories that you can get for your Pit Boss electric smoker, but below are some that we highly recommend.

First is the Electric Smoker Cover. This accessory is a worthy investment, considering the fact that in most cases you will be doing outdoor cooking. When you cook outdoors, several factors can have substantial effects on not only the food quality but also the smoker itself. Bad weather, dirt and especially water definitely are not good friends of your electric smoker, so you may want to purchase a cover to help you handle all these elements. The cover will prevent dirt and water from entering your smoker, hence prolonging the device longevity and reducing the maintenance as well as repairment cost.

Another interesting accessory is the Wireless Meat Thermometer. Unlike the electric smoker cover that’s designed to help the smoker itself, this thermometer is made with users in mind. 

Using bluetooth technology, the wireless meat thermometer gives you notifications on the temperature inside, thus taking away the stress of having to be around the smoker all the time. This is especially useful when you do slow smoking, which can take many hours. 

If the reason that deters you from buying an analog Pit Boss electric smoker is the fact that it doesn’t have a proper temperature gauge to help you accurately decide on the temperature inside, the wireless meat thermometer is here to save the day. Moreover, when you’re unsure that the built-in thermometer on your smoker is functioning properly, an additional thermometer will definitely give you a helping hand. 



1. Are Pit Boss electric smokers easy to use?

Like any other electric smokers, Pit Boss models are extremely easy to use. You just need a few minutes to get yourself familiar with the setting and the structure of the device and then you’ll be ready to use it to cook any dish you want.

The overall procedure of using a Pit Boss electric smoker tends to be as follow:

  • Prepare your ingredients, season your meat.

  • Adjust your smoker and set it to the right temperature. The suggested temperature for most types of meat is 200 degree Fahrenheit. Low temperatures can be insufficient to cook the meat thoroughly, and high temperatures are more likely to cause the meat to be overcooked and they are  also harder to be kept consistent. 

  • Add water and wood to your smoker. The water added will be responsible for maintaining the moisture of your meat so never forget it. This step requires users to be extra careful because the smoker will be hot and you can be burnt in the process of adding wood and water.

  • Add meat to your smoker. Remember to be careful in this step as well.

  • You can baste and add some sauce to enhance the flavor.

  • Add wood chips if necessary.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple and straight-forward. You can use different recipes for different dishes, but after all the backbone of the process remains the same.

2. Are there any maintenance tips for my Pit Boss electric smoker?

To make sure that your product can maintain its quality for a long period of time, you need to pay close attention to the maintenance process. There are multiple small precautions that you can take to boost your smoker’s lifespan, some of them are listed below.

  • Contrary to popular belief, you should not use metal foil to wrap the cooking racks. Many people think that this will help keep the heat, true, but this causes more harm than good. The heat trapped inside will soon accumulate and wreak havoc on your smoker from the inside. 

  • Unplug your smoker before cleaning and when it’s not in use.

  • Remove all the ashes before storing your smoker away.

  • Always clean the cooking grids after each use and remove them when they’re not in use. Be mindful of which chemicals you use to clean them. With porcelain-coated griddings you can use the traditional dishwashing soap that you normally use for kitchen appliances with non-stick coating as they are pretty much the same. 

3. How do Pit Boss electric smokers perform in comparison with those from different brands?

At the moment you can find various brands on the market that offer you decent electric smokers. For example, you have Masterbuilt with their MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, Cuisinart with their COS-330 Smoker, Char-Broil with their 19202101 Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, Landmann MCO with their 32954 Electric Smoker, or Bradley Smoker with their BTDS76P 990216 Electric Smoker. Each brand has their own focus and target customer group, so it’s hard to develop an accurate comparison between them. 

Nonetheless, if we have to put them all on the scale together, it is safe to say that there are indeed some certain aspects that Pit Boss electric smokers get a leg up on the others. Products from Pit Boss generally have a better price to quality ratio, and they also exceed others, despite just marginally, regarding customer service.  

4. Do Pit Boss have any other excellent smokers?

Pit Boss is a prestigious manufacturer in the field of smoker in general, so it comes as no surprise that they do offer different types of smoker as well, besides the electric smokers described above. Some of the most favorite models from this brand include the 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker, 77425 2.5 Gas Smoker, and 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker. Each model has their own pros and cons, however since they are not electric smokers so you may need to find out beforehands how they work and how to operate them.

5. How long do wood chips usually last in a Pit Boss electric Smoker?

How long wood chips last in your Pit Boss electric smoker varies according to the capacity of the wood chip tray accompanied, which in turn varies according to the model you choose. Other factors that have an influence on how long wood chips last are chips size and the temperature at which you are cooking. 

We would like to add some notices on adding wood chips during cooking. You can add chips once every hour, but always remember that the smoker has to reach the desired temperature before you start to add the chips. And check to make sure that the heating lights are no longer on when you refill the wood chips. One more tip is that you should not overfill the wood tray. Start small by putting in moderate quantity at first and gradually increase the amount.

Final Thoughts


Pit Boss electric smokers are highly regarded for its ease of use and solid performances, it’s widely loved and recommended especially among the community of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Overall, in spite of the fact that there are two different types of products, they are in fact quite the same. The only difference between them is in the control. Whether you want to have analog controller or digital controller will be the determining factor as to which model you would get.

Our recommendation is that you opt for analog models, the Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker if you want a more compact smoker and the Pit Boss 77320 3.2 Analog Smoker for larger families. These products are a both phenomenal investment, delivering outstanding cooking results while at the same time being budget-friendly. We believe that they’re top choice for any customer looking for an efficient Pit Boss electric smoker.

And that wraps up our Pit Boss electric smoker reviews. We hope that our article today has provided you with enough information to make your selecting process easier. Thank you for your attention and please look forward to our future updates!

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